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Privacy Policy

In order to provide the best service, the users may be requested to enter their personal information in our website.

Type of information that we may collect from you are as follows:

  • Name,
  • Email address,
  • Telephone number,
  • Mobile number,
  • Address,
  • Job title/ sector,
  • Your opinion about our services.

Personal information will be used to achieve the following goals:

  • Providing the services and information that you need;
  • Answering your queries;
  • Notifying any changes in our services;
  • Receiving feedback about our services;
  • Preventing cybercrimes in our website.

We share your personal information with our teams and lawyers. We will employ the necessary requirements and security controls to protect your information.

Receiving the information from you means your consent to the use of information in order to achieve the aforementioned targets. In case you do not agree, please do not insert your personal information in our website.

In case we are authorized by local law, we may combine the information you have provided together with other information that we already hold.

We confirm that we keep your personal information as confidential and never use this information for commercial goals.